61 minutes
7 core competencies


The Office Scan aims to give you insight into the potential of your candidates for administrative positions. At a glance, you get a concise overview of the candidates’ level for some key competencies of administrative positions. The prepared test battery examines the following:

  • The planning skill
  • The ability to perform administrative tasks smoothly and accurately
  • Some indispensable personality traits: helpfulness, accuracy, flexibility and dedication

The overview of these core traits and skills for administrative profiles is supplemented in the Scan Report by a general description of the candidates’ personality.

130-180 minutes
8 core competencies

Competence profile

The purpose of this competency profile is to assess the extent to which your candidate’s preferences and abilities match the key requirements for the administrative assistant position or role. The prepared test battery therefore measures the following competencies:

  • Collaborate
  • Processing information
  • Accuracy
  • Customer orientation
  • Self-organization

For each competency, the detailed scores elaborate on potential strengths and elements to be further developed in your candidate’s profile.

Tailor Made Solutions

Tailor made solutions

If you haven’t found yet what you’re looking for, please reach out to us. We’re happy to assist you in tailoring our solutions to fit your exact needs, giving you all the tools necessary to find the perfect administrative profile for your vacancy.

  • Management assistant
  • File administrator
  • Administrative assistant
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