TASC, the online testing platform

Discover TASC, the all-in-one online platform for psychological testing. Perfect for selection, coaching, talent development, career guidance, and academic counseling. TASC offers a user-friendly program, a comprehensive test range in multiple languages, clear reporting, and accessible support. Unlock the power of psychological assessment with TASC, the easiest and most complete tool available.

Built by experts

35 years of research, driven by a team of psychology PhDs. We’ve combined scientific rigour with expert data analysis techniques.

Based on a huge, reliable data set

Millions of tests have informed and developed our method. We’ve honed the consistency, objectivity, reliability and validity of our tests, striving to remove bias from testing outcomes. 

Unique methodology

Carefully designed psychometric models and unique adaptive testing make our method better than the competition. Together, we can objectively reveal a candidate’s true capacities, competencies and personality traits.

A user-friendly SaaS experience

Cebir automates your selection procedures for simplicity, reducing administration to a minimum. Our solutions can be offered under your own brand and identity and make it easy to link your HR tools with our API.

Platform flexible testing

Flexible and efficient testing

TASC offers adaptable testing for individuals & groups, minimizing admin work and maximizing efficiency. Test an unlimited number of candidates simultaneously at home or in the office. Adaptive Cebir-tests provide reliable results in up to 3x less time by adapting to skill levels and challenging candidates.

Platform testing reporting

Testing and reporting in your branding

The testing environment can be fully customized to your company’s branding, including your logo, specific fonts, and colors. We also create reports according to your design, so everything your customers and candidates interact with reflects your branding.

Platform immediate results

Immediate results and useful statistics

TASC provides immediate test results, allowing for quick decisions & feedback to candidates. All reports, from brief overviews to detailed ones with graphs or job-specific competency reports, are available as soon as the test is completed. The statistics module provides insights into TASC usage within your organisation.

Service optimal security

Easy and unlimited access to updated software

TASC is a SaaS platform with simple access and automatic updates. There’s no installation required, and it seamlessly integrates with your Windows network. You can manage employee access rights, and always work with the latest tools that meet the highest security standards.

Extensive test & tools catalog

The Cebir platform contains more than 100 tests and questionnaires and more than 60 tools to assist you in your filter, select, learn or coaching needs.

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Platform trusted by science

Trusted by science

At Cebir, we take science seriously. Our tests are based on the latest research and our team is always up-to-date with the newest theories and technologies. We don’t just take our word for it either – we conduct validity studies to ensure that our tests accurately predict real-world performance. Plus, we collaborate with universities and research institutions to make sure our test tool is objective and unbiased. With Cebir, you can trust that you’re getting top-quality testing based on science.

Platform seamless integration

Seamless integration with API

Already using an HR tool? With our API, TASC can be easily integrated with your candidate database. Invite candidates to take tests and view results directly from your HR tool. This means streamlining your internal procedures and minimising administrative work. It’s like adding a turbocharger to your HR engine!

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