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Psychometric test for recruitment

Nicolas Lenaers

A psychometric test is a scientific, comprehensive, and highly detailed recruitment tool.

What is a psychometric test?

A psychometric test:

  • Is a standardized test with established norms and has undergone scientific validation studies.
  • Allows you to assess the psychological characteristics (intelligence, personality, competence, etc.) of a person.
  • Helps in understanding the fundamental skills (personality, motivation, reasoning, etc.) of a person.

In other words, a psychometric test is a collection of measurement tools that scientifically evaluate a person during a recruitment process.

Psychometric tests are, therefore, an effective scientific solution for human resources, and it would be a shame not to use them.

Cebir offers more than 60 psychometric tools and over 100 psychometric tests for recruitment

Our tools, based on scientific foundations, are compiled objectively and standardized in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the general standard for the use of psychometric tests. From screening and selecting the best talents to coaching and career development planning, our solutions help you optimize your team’s potential.

Our method stands out with carefully designed psychometric models and unique adaptive tests. Together, we can objectively reveal a candidate’s true abilities, skills, and personality traits.

Career development tools

Cebir also offers a solution for career development planning. Empower your employees to achieve their career goals and drive your business to new heights with our powerful career planning psychometric tests. Help your employees identify their strengths, set career goals, and create a personalised plan for growth within your organisation.

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